DIRT 5 - Super Size Pack
DIRT 5 - Super Size Pack
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11,49 €
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The Super Size Content Pack certainly lives up to its name, with four huge off-road machines ready to take on all terrain and all challengers. First up, our cover star: the Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer. Don’t be fooled by the name – whilst this Ice Racer will indeed be right at home on sub-zero surfaces at New York, Norway, and Nepal, this 626bhp monster will tear up all surfaces in DIRT 5 on its 22-inch rims; a perfect blend of class and performance, taken to the extreme. Whilst the Bentley joins the Rally GT class, the Armada Rock Racer is our second entry to DIRT 5’s monstrous Rock Bouncer class. This intimidating machine, with huge ridged tyres and minimal chassis, is built to take on our most dangerous terrain in point-to-point Path Finder events. For the Cross Raid class comes the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept – The Atlas has the power and endurance to conquer any off-road challenge, being a suped-up race version of the already-mighty crossover VW. Finally, a truly unique all-terrain option for your DIRT 5 garage: the Rezvani Tank. With its roots beginning with a Jeep Wrangler, the Rezvani takes everything up a notch: Power (over 1000bhp!), bodywork (bulletproof armour!) and insane ridged tyres. Head to the Pre-Runner class to try and tame the Tank. The Super Size pack further expands DIRT 5’s Career mode with another 25 bespoke events to take on in a new chapter. Also, Two more sponsors – Toblerone and Power Maxed – are available to sign for and earn exclusive rewards for, including liveries, by completing their objectives. More customisation items also arrive in the Super Size Content Pack, such as stickers, lanyards, and more patterns for custom liveries. To use the content within this pack, you must own DIRT 5. This pack is included as an entitlement for Amplified Edition and Year One Upgrade / Edition owners.

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The DIRT 5 - Super Size Content Pack includes: - Four new huge off-road machines to use in all game modes (Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer, Armada Rock Racer, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept, Rezvani Tank) - 25 bespoke career events - Two new Career sponsors with unique rewards (Toblerone and Power Maxed) - Personalisation items such as bespoke liveries, stickers, lanyards and custom livery editor options

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