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Hard Drive Made with addictive physics. Fun challenging,driving car racing game <b>RACING WORLDS</b> <b>1.</b> Rural: It is a world of 24+ levels. You must bring the car from the starting point to the end point. When you wait 3 seconds at the end point, you finish the race. <b>2.</b> Protect Your Head: There is no level system in this section. This section is based on high score. You need to protect yourself from the wheels from the top. To do this, you must avoid the wheels that come to you. Don't forget to catch the hearts from above also they will give you extra life. If you have more than one heart when it comes to your head. You can continue to play. If more than one game is over. And you're ranked with the score you get. For the highest score, take good care of the wheels and keep your car away from the wheels. <b>3.</b> Stunt: This section has 24+ levels. You should use the car carefully to avoid obstacles. And you have to get the car to the end point without crashing. Different and fun levels are waiting for you. <b>4.</b> Falling: There is no level in this section. There is no soil in this section. You have to drive the car on all obstacles. While sometimes it may be a problem to go slowly. Sometimes you will have trouble to go fast as well. So use the car carefully and go as far as you can. Print your name to the High Scores list. <b>5.</b> Car Transport (Cargo): Consists of 24+ levels. The distance to take the cargo in each section is slightly increased. Bring the targeted cargo quantity to the end point. Challenging winter conditions. And watch your speed as you climb the snowy mountains. And finish all the levels. <b>6.</b> Wheel Rain: Difficult hills and mountains will also drive the car. You should also be prepared for wheels and cans from the air. If the wheels or objects hit your head, you lose the game. You can also get extra life by collecting hearts from the air. You will have a lot of fun and enjoy in this challenging area. In general, challenging vehicle driving and challenging obstacles, mountains and hills are our game. Playing is a game that will entertain you. If you are ready for challenging driving, you can download and play for free. if you do not like the game. Or in addition to the levels you rate and comment it. As soon as possible, necessary updates will be taken into consideration. More levels and world will be loaded. Thank you for supporting us by rating and commenting. Hard Drive Stay tuned.

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  • physic, hill climb, car racing, car race, fine , climb race

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