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Moja mBanka Raiffeisen– always at your side 24h/7! Moja mBanka Raiffeisen enables you quick and easy access to your accounts and performing payment transactions with your mobile phone at any time, regardless of where you are. The application can be used by private individuals, small enterprises and entrepreneurs. Options available to all users: • Exchange rate list • "Moja mBanka Raiffeisen" demo • Locating all branch offices and ATMs via Google Maps • Offers from current campaigns of Raiffeisen banka • Video instructions for activating and using the application • Help • Token menu • Possibility of dialling the Contact Center Small enterprises and entrepreneurs that are clients of the bank have at their disposal at any time also the following: • Information on the balance and movements on dinar accounts, foreign currency accounts and payment card accounts • Domestic payment transactions in dinars. Private individuals who are clients of the bank have the possibility to: • Pay all bills without fees, as well as to buy and sell foreign currency without fees, • Transfer of funds between dinar accounts in Raiffeisen banka, • Transfer of funds between foreign currency accounts without currency conversion • Information on payment cards and loans SECURITY Moja mBanka Raiffeisen application meets the highest security standards in electronic banking, which is made possible by using tokens. Clients access their financial data by entering a four-digit PIN, which they create themselves. The data regarding accounts, transactions, as well as information on other banking products is not kept in the mobile device, which guarantees safety. After five unsuccessful log in attempts, the application is blocked automatically. HOW TO BECOME A USER Private individuals who are users of Raiffeisen banka’s e-banking service may become users by activating the mobile token in one of three ways: through RaiffeisenOnLine application, by visiting the nearest branch office of the bank or by calling our Contact Center. Private individuals who are not users of e-banking may become users by submitting a request for using e-banking in any branch office of Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd. Small enterprises and entrepreneurs may become users by submitting a request for using mobile and telephone banking in any branch office of Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd. In case you need additional information, please contact us by: - e-mail: - phone: +381 11 3202100

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