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Active Desktop Plus is a simple program that allows you to use almost any video, webpage or application as your desktop wallpaper or a gadget. To start, simply drag and drop an MP4, EXE or URL (for example from the address bar of your browser) onto ADP's main window, select a monitor, then click apply. It'll automatically configure itself as your wallpaper and set it to run when ADP starts. If you use a YouTube or ShaderToy URL, they'll automatically play muted, fullscreen and on loop. From this point, the ADP window can be safely closed and it will minimise to the notification area. If you wish for more control, you can select the Edit Further option, which will allow you to customise your wallpaper in more depth, including spanning it across all monitors, setting whether or not it should open with ADP, toggling the ability to interact with the wallpaper and lots more. From the Current Apps page, you can easily see what's running on your desktop as well as temporarily send another window or window element to the desktop without adding it as a saved app. You can also copy the details of any running window to the Saved Apps page. From the Saved Apps page, you can add new wallpapers with full control over every parameter, manage all your saved wallpapers, and remove any you're not using, or launch ones that don't start with ADP automatically. Considerations: - Web support requires you have an Insider channel of Microsoft Edge installed from the Microsoft Edge Insider website - Desktop icons may interfere with ADP; if you can't see custom then disable them - UWP apps are not compatible with ADP - Some features are not available on Windows 10 in S Mode

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6. 07. 2020

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