Cities: Skylines - Parklife
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Cities: Skylines - Parklife is a playful new expansion for Cities: Skylines, making your city more alive with new amusement parks, nature reserves, city parks and zoos, and giving new life to your empty land with custom parks and gardens. With everything from roller coasters and campsites to flower beds, fountains and flamingos, Parklife adds new ways to play, with the introduction of a new park area tool and level-up features that increase your parks property values, along with five new maps and a ton of assets in play. Parks and Recreation: Use the new park area tool to create park districts wherever there is empty land, and new city services like Park Maintenance, which boosts happiness and effectiveness and helps level up parks. Brick by Brick: Customize your city with new buildings and assets, including a new sightseeing bus line, new service buildings, new unique buildings like amusement parks, nature reserves, city parks and zoos, and a regal new monument, the Castle of Lord Chirpwick. Freeway Free for All: For the first time in Cities: Skylines, you can place buildings next to paths in the park districts (not just next to roads). Props can be placed anywhere inside park areas. Recesses Between Buildings: Transform those empty spaces between your buildings into vibrant parks and gardens. It’s a Walk in the Park: Customize routes and set ticket prices for new walking and sightseeing tours, among other tourism enhancements. Policies, Please: Take on three new city policies and eight new park policies to deal with recreational hazards like Animal Ethics and Fireworks.

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Paradox Interactive


Tantalus Media

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28. 03. 2019

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