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☆☆☆League of Legends☆☆☆ The best and most fully featured League of Legends app, created by a Masters player who is ranked as the Best Ezreal in North America! Now also released for Windows 10 with new features and aesthetics! Just updated for Season 8 League of Legends with Zoe! ☆☆☆Exclusive Features☆☆☆ Content ✔ Update for Season 8 and Zoe has arrived! Other League of Legends apps are extremely outdated. ✔ View all the counter picks, easy matchups, and synergy picks for every champion. ✔ Check LIVE win rate stats for the current patch and compare it to what the users think ✔ Read comments by other users to learn how play and counter any champion ✔ Also read specific comments to each individual matchup along with general tips submitted by users ✔ Utilize this information in ranked to know how to play your champion, organize team comps surrounding it, as well as counter your opposing lane. ✔ Relevancy of champion/comments data organized by a user score system and my own input as a Masters player ✔ Toast Notifications when new champion data has arrived Online Capabilities ✔ Rate and submit data for each champion's counter picks, easy matchups, synergy picks and comments ✔ Massive community keeping champion data up-to-date with the ever-changing meta ✔ Champion data and comments kept to the highest degree of accuracy by my own moderation as a Masters player ✔ Data submission is completely dynamic (see your new champion content or comment instantly appear on the app after you submit) ✔ View Live Patch Statistics for the current season patch aggregated from Platinum+ ranked solo queue games ✔ No account registration needed for online services (no information is taken from you) Look & Feel ✔ Smooth, polished interaction built for both touch and mouse & keyboard ✔ Quick champion navigation system utilizing an alphabetical jump list just like how your phone organizes your apps ✔ Champions also organized by their role, along with a visual and dynamic search bar to filter by name ✔ Multiple methods of navigation in one page with minimal complexity, and maximum time efficiency ✔ Each champion has a colorful and easy to navigate UI, to seamlessly view counter picks, easy matchups, synergy picks as well as user comments ✔ Relative sizing of all controls for all resolutions via state triggers that detect your platform and optimizes this app's display appropriately And more! Updates come frequently for this app. This is the fullest League of Legends app for Windows. This app is what you need to climb to Masters/Diamond, just like me. Feel free to ask me for any advice on League of Legends. Contact me at or on the North American servers at Raklor or Calibure.

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Anthony C

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Copyright © 2017, Anthony C

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8. 08. 2014

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