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*** Note: This is the lite version of TLDF app and it can only generate images and video up to 720p. To generate full sized images and up to 4K videos, please purchase the full version at: This app helps you create beautiful flicker-free sunset, cloud, city scape, and day to night time lapse easily. Shoot in auto-exposure modes, TLDF will remove the flickers for you! In addition, the noise reduction and blending removes the noise from sky and other parts to generate super clean time-lapse sequence! Please visit the TLDF main website for additional information: Key Features: 1. Best Deflickering Algorithm. Pixel level brightness adjustment: Instead of globally changing the exposure for all the pixels by the same value, TLDF adjusts brightness of each individual pixel differently to optimize the flicker free effect for overall sequence. 2. Noise Reduction: TLDF's noise reduction algorithm will further reduce the flicker from your timelapse sequence and generate beautiful clean skies. This feature works particularly well on clear sky. 3. Blending: Three modes of blending (average, lighten, darken) can let you create special effects. They can also remove the flickers completely for very challenging timelapse sequences. 4. Edit images and Key Framing. 5. 16-bit Editing and Input/Output. If users choose TIFF, PNG, or JPEG-XR image as output, TLDF does 16-bit editing and generates 16-bit images if the input images have 16-bit image depth. 6. Fast DeFlickering: TLDF will detect number of cores in your system and generate the matching number of concurrent threads (up to 6) for faster deflickering. 7. Limited RAW Support: TLDF supports most of the popular image formats (JPEG, TIFF, ...). It also supports RAW formats (CR2, ...) supported by your Windows Operating System. 8. Video Input/Output: TLDF strongly recommends using images for both input and output for the highest possibly quality. However, TLDF supports deflickering from video inputs and it also can generate high quality H.264 video outputs with ability to set target bit-rate.

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