Data Collection & Labeling Associate FAQ

A man sitting by the computer with his back towards the camera. His colleague standing by in the sportswear, stretching his right leg, checking the papers on the desk. The title of the photo is Data Collection & Labeling Associate FAQ

What is Data Collection and Labeling?

MDCS is developing software for different machine learning algorithms: optical character recognition, document layout analysis and image analysis. An important part of this development process is the collection and labeling of data samples used for training and testing of these algorithms. For example, images are made of pixels with no information of what they represent. Characters, shapes or other various features may be of interest and these algorithms are developed to extract and process them in some way, like recognizing text in case of optical character recognition. Documents, images, and other file types required by your assigned task are collected (online, scanning, photographing) and then processed manually using a specific software.

What do I need to know to be able to do Data Collection and Labeling?

No previous experience apart from general computer literacy is needed. All new Data Collection and Labeling Associates will have learning materials available and a mentor to teach them how to label, mark and tag features or properties of the content of the files by using various project-specific applications and tools.

What skills does General computer literacy include?

You should be comfortable using Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email client like Outlook. Also, Internet browsing, usage of search engines like Google or Bing and some basic file management like creating/deleting/copying/pasting/archiving files and folders, creating and editing text files is required.

I am looking for a new engineering/non-engineering career opportunity. Should I apply for a DC&L associate position?

No, Data Collection and Labeling position is a temporary job position for students, not an engineering/non-engineering apprenticeship or internship and it is not meant to be a career builder. If you are interested in an engineering/non-engineering career at MDCS please look at our open internships and job positions.

I study tech/I do not study tech. Should I apply for DC&L Associate?

Students with both technical and non-technical backgrounds are welcome to apply. However, for Math Data Collection and Labeling position, candidates are required to have strong math skills.

I saw ads for both Data Collection and Labeling Associate and Math Data Collection and Labeling Associate positions. Can I apply to both?

Yes, you are welcome to apply to several different DC&L positions in MDCS.

I am a full-time student and have classes and other obligations daily. Classes and exams schedule is not known to me 3 to 5 months in advance. Does this mean that I should not apply for a DC&L associate position?

Most DC&L Associates work for 4 hours a day between 8AM and 8PM. Timetables are arranged weekly in agreement with the team.

Should DC&L associate engagement come second to University obligations?

Yes. Given that DC&L positions are temporary, we believe your engagement should not get in the way of your University obligations.

If I do well on the test and interview, when can I expect to start working?

If you passed the test and interview, that means that you are applicable for the position and that you will be invited when a free DC&L position opens (which happens frequently considering that this is a part-time, 3-6 months engagement). When exactly you will be invited depends on the number of currently available free DC&L positions and the number of other candidates that also passed the test and interview. Typically, you may wait for the invitation for up to several months. Upon the invitation, if you still meet all the requirements for the position (e.g. you are still a student), we will extend an offer and assign a start date of your engagement based on mutual agreement.

I have applied, but have not seen any response from you. Does this mean I am not accepted?

You should expect to receive a response after submitting your application. If you do not see a response in your mailbox, please check you junk/spam folder. You will also be informed via email on status of your application as the process progresses. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any additional question.

Is this a volunteering position or will I get paid?

This is not a volunteering position, and you will get paid for your engagement.

Once I finish my DC&L engagement, will you provide me with a confirmation letter?

Yes, upon finishing your DC&L engagement with us, you will get a confirmation letter in both Serbian and English stating what were your responsibilities in the team and what was the duration of your engagement.

I would like to apply for a DC&L position, but I am not very familiar with programming. Would this be a problem?

No, programming skills are not a requirement for successfully accomplishing your DC&L tasks.

I see there are different advertisements for DC&L positions (Math DC&L, DC&L, etc.). If I apply for one, will you allocate me to the other one if I am a better fit? Does it make any difference whether I apply for Math DC&L or DC&L position?

Please note that these are different positions with different requirements and responsibilities. Hence, you will not be automatically considered for the position you have not applied for. You are welcome to apply to several different available DC&L positions in MDCS.

How long does the test for DC&L take?

The test for DC&L typically takes 1 hour. The test does not require any specific technical knowledge so please feel relaxed. It is a paper and pencil test administered in English.

How long does the test for Math DC&L take?

The test for Math DC&L typically takes 1 hour. The test is a set of math problems, so it does require specific technical knowledge. It is a paper and pencil test administered in English.