Prepare for Data Scientist test and interviews

A man sitting by the computer with his back towards the camera. His colleague standing by in the sportswear, stretching his right leg, checking the papers on the desk. The title of the photo is Prepare for Program Manager test and interviews.

What are good learning resources to help me prepare for test and interviews?

Good resources, among many others, are:

  • John Hopkins University Data Science course at Coursera
  • Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science (currently Beta release)
  • and courses, such as Intro to R for Data Science
  • Mathematical Statistics with Applications (for basics of statistics)
  • An Introduction to Statistical Learning (for machine learning, though there are many other good books as well)
  • Time Series Analysis (for introduction to time series analysis)

When it comes to programming/technical languages needed, there are many tools which would enable you to finish the test successfully, Python, R, MATLAB, SQL, etc. There is an extraordinary amount of good literature and courses for each of these, we wouldn’t favor any of them here.

Can you give me some advice on preparing myself for the test?

Be curious. Download datasets interesting to you (there are many good resources for these, e.g., ask yourself questions and try to draw some conclusions. Focus on answering the question you asked rather than doing some complex analysis (if there is a trade-off between these). In order to do this, it is important to pick a question which generally interests you – the problem is much harder if you’re not having fun in the process.

What are the areas we can expect at the test?

There are two parts of the test – eliminatory and exploratory. Exploratory part is completely up to you – you have the freedom to implement any techniques you are comfortable with. For the eliminatory part, it consists of a set of specific questions for which you need statistical skills in order to solve them.