Prepare for Program Manager test and interviews

A man sitting by the computer with his back towards the camera. His colleague standing by in the sportswear, stretching his right leg, checking the papers on the desk. The title of the photo is Prepare for Program Manager test and interviews.

What kind of test can I expect?

Given the nature of this position we give homework problem instead of organizing a written test.

You will receive an email with more information on the homework problem. You should reply to that email with a chosen date on which you would like us to send you the task. We’ll afterwards send you the description of the task at that chosen time. You would have 48h to reply to us with a solution.

Once you successfully complete the task you will be invited to the last stage of the process, which are interviews in our office.

What are the areas we can expect on the test?

The test is a written homework task. It is a simulation of some typical activities our Program Managers do. Thus, this task would give you an insight what this job is, and it would help us select the best candidates to invite to interviews. To complete it, you will need an internet connection and allocated time. The estimate is that the task takes 6-8 hours to be finished. The solution of the task is a free-form document up to 8 pages (in English), potentially accompanied with some images and slides.