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LoiLoNote School makes using tablets in the classroom safe and easy. Students enjoy using the LoiLoNote School app to create, research, and organize ideas as multimedia cards (text, drawings, images, web-pages, audio, and video clips) that can be linked together to create playable presentations. Teachers enjoy using LoiLoNote School to facilitate task-based lessons in which ideas can be easily created, presented and shared. All these features are unified in one app, so activities proceed without need to move data between multiple apps with multiple user accounts and file formats. Users' data is automatically stored to their personal cloud storage space, so users can return to their work at a later time or from a different device. LoiLoNote helps teachers utilize technology for enriching, student-centered, communicative classroom activities. To start, teachers can use LoiLoNote School for the basics: to distribute materials, assign tasks, and collect student work. Teachers can ask students to collect information off- and online to create presentations about what they learned individually, or ask teams to collaborate in real-time as they create a group project. Once student work is submitted, teachers can show the whole class individual submissions, annotate their work to give feedback, or compare multiple submissions side-by-side. Teachers can show their device's screen to everyone via an external display, or broadcast to all the students' devices. They even pass playback control to a student, whose presentation will be broadcast to all as they present. Sample lesson flow: → Upload teaching materials to the “Materials” cloud storage. → Distribute materials to students via LoiLoNote School. → Explain the materials and the students' task. → Have students submit their answers via the “Teacher” tunnel. → Compare and contrast answers on a big screen using the “Compare Answers” mode. Use LoiLoNote School in your classroom to enable a variety of activities for students: - Peer learning and teamwork - Project-based and investigative learning - Multimedia presentations - Flipped classroom - Customized learning - Jigsaw classroom Tools for Teachers: ~ Materials: save class materials to the cloud so students can access them easily ~ Compare Answers: compare multiple answers side by side ~ Tasks & Answer Lists: assign tasks and create a virtual bulletin board where students can submit their work. ~ Send: distribute contents in real time to all students or select individuals ~ Students List: who is working in LoiLoNote School, and who is using other apps on the tablet. ~ Lock Tunnels: control students' ability to send their creations to one another. ~ Lock Screens: lock students' tablet screens to draw their attention back to the teacher. For more details visit our website:

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