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Microsoft Education Delivery is a rich media presentation service optimized for low-bandwidth environments and where internet connections are inconsistent. Microsoft Education Delivery carries high quality educational materials to the classrooms and inspires students to play an active part in learning. Microsoft Education Delivery works on Windows phones and tablets over mobile networks. It is available as a hosted service, or there is the possibility to install your own server. After logging in, teachers can browse resource libraries, select and download videos and files through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is also possible to send questions about the resources and comment on them. Microsoft Education Delivery works both online and offline: a constant connection is not needed, and previously downloaded resources can be used offline. "Project my screen" functionality on select Windows 8.1 devices enables wireless connection to a TV or a projector in the classroom. Microsoft Education Delivery has been used in 12 countries since 2004 and it has reached over 700 000 students, 16 000 teachers and 2500 schools. It has won awards globally, and it has a proven positive impact on learning outcomes and classroom environment. To use this companion app, an account first must be created on the Microsoft Education Delivery server. For access to the server and for more information on the solution, please visit

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