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MindMap Touch - The easiest way to create a mind map on touch devices FEATURES • Support touch screen interactions. • Create mind map quickly and easily. • Insert icons to your mind map. • Zoom to fit your mind map with one click. • Export your mind map to PNG/BMP/GIF/JPEG file. • Manage mind maps in explorer mode and pivot. • Sync your data between your device and server with Microsoft account. NEXT UPDATE • Improve generating mind map thumnails. • Add more mind map drawing styles. • Support drag & drop to move and arrange node in drawing mode. • Improve user interface and user experience. WHY MINDMAP? • Organize, manage your plan, activities effectively. • Generate great ideas during your brainstorming sessions. • The best solution to clarity your thoughts, improve your memory and get the creative boost you need. Let try it, save time and enjoy your life!

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