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Why Get Left Behind In The Age Of The Internet? If you’re a slow typist, there’s something you need to know. Slow typists are automatically rejected from many jobs, are less efficient at work, make fewer friends on social media, and often have painful RSI. If you use computers, then learning to touch type is THE most important investment you can make in yourself. Earn More Money - Qualify for many more jobs than you currently do. Many people make typing a lucrative career. Be Up-To-Date And Computer Literate - People will instantly recognize that you’re computer savvy. It feels good to master technology. Save 4-47 Hours Per Month - Faster typing will save you between 4 and 47 hours per month. Spend more time with family, less on work. Save Your Fingers - Bad typing technique is likely giving you painful RSI and inflammation. Correct typing can fix this. Socialize Online - Tests show that faster typists can communicate 2-3 times more effectively in online social media. Be Up To 63% More Efficient On The Job - Your new fast typing skills will save you so much time at work, people will be amazed at your efficiency. The program is fully web-based, so users can use it to practice keyboarding in class, at home, or anywhere an internet connection can be found. Typesy is the premium keyboarding program for education. Typesy allows you to master fast touch typing with a physical keyboard. Typesy uses a combination of guided courses, software activities, and video training to help you touch type like a pro.

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