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This word search game generator lets you specify a set of words and and set options like the filler letters to use, the size of the word search grid, and if answers should be displayed. Once the puzzle is generated, you can save it to a PNG image file with or without the answers circled. You can also save it to a text file in order to format it yourself in some other document. The puzzle generator may run for more than a few seconds if the grid spaces fill to near capacity before the words are all placed - the app is just trying to generate different variations of the puzzle in order to find one where all of the words fit. The filler letters allow you to pick the letters that fill in gaps. Spaces and other white-space characters are ignored but punctuation, digits, etc, are not. If the app runs out of letters in the filler list, it will use random letters from A to Z.

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David Rector

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Copyright (c) 2016 David M. Rector


David Rector

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