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ZoomAnywhere is a camera application that lets you zoom anywhere (instead of just the center) on a live camera feed. To run the application, open the IC solution file using Visual Studio 2017. As a father for a visually impaired girl, I became aware of the technical solutions available for the visually impaired. A common solution is a personal CCTV device like this one - That seemed to me like ancient technology. These devices use insanely expensive optical zoom cameras (x4-x80) with up to 720p resolution. The FOV is limited as well so the user must continuously change the camera orientation by hand. Try to do that while following a teacher writing on a backboard, zooming in and out to read and navigate and actually pay attention to what's going on in class... I had another idea. Use a large FOV, high resolution camera that can capture the entire blackboard from a reasonable distance (1st - 2nd line of tables). Connect that camera to a touchscreen device and with it, pan and zoom effortlessly by swiping and pinching you fingers. I was sure someone had already came up with this idea, but no one did. I downloaded dozens of camera applications for Apple iPad, Android tablets and Microsoft's Surface. I tried home security cameras, extreme sports cameras and web cams. They all failed at the same point. While some gave you the option to zoom anywhere on a recorded image or video, none gave you that ability for the live camera feed. Some gave the ability to zoom on the live feed, but without the ability to pan you can only zoom into the center. Eventually I gave up on searching. I bought a Logitech Brio, which is a 4K webcam. I figured that is I will implement this correctly, I can have the first x4 digital zoom on a FHD display without any decrease in quality. I tested several camera control APIs and finally found one (by Microsoft) that worked out. The application is in very early development stages, but with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Logitech Brio I can use my fingers to zoom anywhere on a live camera feed. And it looks great. I hope this will be the first of many projects I will build/join that are designed to help the visually impaired.

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