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What kind of software do you want to run on your Surface?

I plan on running common desktop programs like iTunes, Chrome and Microsoft Office for sending mail and creating documents.
In addition to the above, I plan on running software with high-end performance requirements.

Please tell us a little more about the pro software you’ll want to run:

Photo editing applications like Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Lightroom®.
Video editing applications like Adobe® Premiere®.
Professional-grade video and graphics software that require a discrete GPU.

Do you need to connect to more than one external display for business or personal use?

Yes, it would be great for my productivity.
No, one external monitor will be plenty for me.

How many programs do you need to run simultaneously?

I only need to run a few programs at the same time.
I need to run several desktop programs at the same time.
I need to run many professional-grade programs at the same time.

How much storage do you think you’ll need built-in to your device? (Don’t forget you can add storage with the integrated microSD™ card reader.)


What type of device are you looking for?

An ultra-portable tablet.
A tablet with the power of a laptop.
A full laptop with keyboard.

What’s more important to you: screen size or weight?

I want the lightest device possible.
I prefer a larger screen.
I need the largest screen with the best resolution.

What’s your price range?

I need to stay at or below HK$7,888
I can spend more than HK$7,888 for the right device

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