For financial services.

With Surface, you can address your customers' needs and cement new relationships wherever you are in a way that is personally and professionally relevant.

  • Productivity

    Surface is the ultimate 2-in-1 device, providing you the tools and data you need at your fingertips.
  • Mobility

    Whether in your office, a retail branch, on the road, or at a customer site, Surface devices are lightweight with long battery life for maximum mobility.
  • Engagement

    With Surface, you can instantly greet a customer, pull up their account history, and immediately engage in a more meaningful, customized interaction.
  • Security

    Built-in security features including BitLocker, TPM, Windows Defender, and Secure Boot help ensure that sensitive customer information remains safe.

Apps for financial services.

Surface offers a breadth of choice in financial content, with apps designed to grow your business, make your customer interactions more relevant, and help you be more productive each day.

The most productive devices on the planet.

Surface Pro 3

The ultimate in performance and versatility for professionals, creators, and more.

Surface Pro 4NEW

The tablet that can replace your laptop.

Surface 3

The perfect balance of performance and value.

Extended service plan for your Surface

Stay productive with extended service and accident protection for your Surface plus set-up and re-imaging support for up to three years.

Keep track of your devices

Absolute Data & Device Security lets you track and secure all of your endpoints from a single cloud-based console.