For healthcare.

Surface gives you instant access to the information and resources you need to be more productive and provide better patient care.

  • Productivity

    With Surface, you can use a single device wherever you go. Focus more on your patients and less on your technology.
  • Mobility

    Whether in the office, at a patient bedside, or out in the field, Surface devices are lightweight with long battery life for ultimate mobility.
  • Sanitizable

    Surface—and the Surface Type Cover—can be sanitized with many standard hospital disinfectants to comply with infection control practices.
  • Security

    Built-in security features including BitLocker, TPM, Windows Defender, and Secure Boot help keep protected health information safe.

Apps for healthcare.

Surface offers a breadth of choice in healthcare content, with apps designed to help you provide better and more efficient patient care, no matter your field of expertise.

The most productive devices on the planet.

Surface Pro 4

The tablet that can replace your laptop.

Surface BookNEW

The ultimate laptop.

Surface 3

The perfect balance of performance and value.

Surface Pro 3

The ultimate in performance and versatility for professionals, creators, and more.

Extended service plan for your Surface

Stay productive with extended service and accident protection for your Surface plus set-up and re-imaging support for up to three years.

Keep track of your devices

Absolute Data & Device Security lets you track and secure all of your endpoints from a single cloud-based console.