Power Cover

Power Cover has movable keys like a Type Cover and provides extra battery life for your Surface.

Applies to

Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro.

Operating system:

Power Cover extends the time you can work away from a power source and provides the familiar feel and layout of a standard laptop keyboard.

Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2 can draw power from and charge Power Cover. With other Surface models, Power Cover works only as a keyboard.

Here’s how to get started.

Get your Surface ready for Power Cover

Update your Surface

Make sure you have the latest Surface and Windows updates so your Surface can recognize and use the Power Cover battery. Without the latest updates, you can type on your Power Cover but it won’t charge your Surface. For more info, see Install Surface and Windows updates.

Make sure your Surface battery has at least a 40 percent charge before you install updates.

Power up

You can use your Power Cover as a keyboard right out of the box, but you’ll need to charge it before it can supply power to your Surface. Charging your Power Cover is easy—just attach it to your Surface while it’s charging through the power connector.

Power cover clicks into place
Never connect the Surface power connector directly to the Power Cover.

Here’s how to charge your Power Cover:

Step 1: The first time you charge your Power Cover, remove the warning label from the power connector.
Step 2: Attach the Power Cover to your Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2. The Cover magnetically attaches to your Surface—just bring the two close together. When the Cover gets close, it aligns and snaps into place.
Step 3:

Charge your Surface and Power Cover.

  • Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet or power strip.
  • Connect the power connector to the charging port on your Surface. The connector clicks into place (either direction works). When the small light on the connector is lit, it means your Surface is getting power.

How quickly your Power Cover charges depends on the battery level on your Surface and how you’re using your Surface at the time.

Use Power Cover

Click it on

Attach the Power Cover to your Surface and start typing. Once the Cover is connected, it stays put. The Power Cover keeps charging your Surface as long as it is attached to your Surface and your Surface is awake, in sleep, or on standby.

Fold it back

Fold the Power Cover back when you want to use your Surface as a tablet. Surface responds only to the touchscreen while the Power Cover is back. It continues to draw power from the Power Cover battery.

Close it up

Close the Power Cover to protect the screen while you’re on the go. The screen turns off when you close the Cover.

Opening the Power Cover won’t wake Surface Pro 3 or Surface 3 from sleep, and closing the Power Cover won’t put either Surface model to sleep or turn off their screens. Instead, press the power button on your Surface to conserve power.

Pull it off

To remove the Power Cover, just pull it away.

Charging sequence

The Surface and Power Cover batteries are charged and discharged in a sequence designed to keep most of the charge on the Surface battery. Understanding the sequence makes it easier to predict how much charge to expect on each of the batteries.

Which battery gets charged first?

Once your Surface is 80 percent charged, it starts charging the Power Cover. Then, when the Power Cover is 80 percent charged, your Surface finishes charging. When your Surface is fully charged, the Power Cover finishes charging. The Power Cover will charge as long as it is connected to your Surface and your Surface is turned on (sleep is fine) and connected to a power source.

How the batteries charge.

Which battery is used first?

When you’re using your Surface with a Power Cover and your Surface isn’t connected to a power source, it draws power from the Power Cover first. When the Power Cover battery is drained, your Surface switches to its own battery.

The Power Cover continues to charge your Surface even while your Surface is in sleep mode. If your Surface is off and unplugged, or the Surface battery is completely drained, it can’t detect the Power Cover or draw power from it.

If the battery in the Power Cover is completely drained, you can still use it as a keyboard.

How much charge do I have?

You can check your charge two ways:

  • Check the battery icon in the taskbar for a weighted average of the two batteries.
battery icon in taskbar
  • For detailed info on your battery levels, select the battery icon. This lists the charge on each battery.
checking the battery levels

Battery #1 is the Surface battery. Battery #2 is the Power Cover battery.

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