Mixed reality with HoloLens

Mixed reality brings people, places, and objects from your physical and digital worlds together. This blended environment becomes your canvas, where you can create and enjoy a wide range of experiences.

Control your view by dragging your mouse cursor over the image or by using the following keys on your keyboard: use the A key to pan left, the D key to pan right, the W key to pan up, and the S key to pan down.

360-degree view of a classroom in mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens

Students use HoloLens to see and interact with digital holograms of Uranus and Jupiter orbiting the Sun in their physical classroom.

A digital hologram of the sun looms large in the center of a physical classroom where students use HoloLens to interactively learn about the Solar System.

An instructor and student discuss a whiteboard drawing of the Solar System, while students using HoloLens are able to see Mercury and Venus orbiting the Sun in a room

scale, three

dimensional digital depiction of the Solar System.

A student using HoloLens can see a digital hologram of Mars and close

up detail of its surface and atmospheric layers, while her classmate takes notes on the table beside her.

Students using HoloLens digitally dissect the composite layers of Saturn’s core. They are able to simultaneously make notations on the whiteboard and on their laptops.

The classroom’s physical ceiling is visible through a digital depiction of the Milky Way and the galaxies surrounding the Solar System.

Holograms enhance the real world

Interacting with holograms in mixed reality enables you to visualize and work with your digital content as part of your real world. Realize mixed reality’s promise with Microsoft HoloLens.

Man and woman wearing HoloLenses and working on a holographic body overlayed on a truck frame


A more natural way to interact

Holograms are responsive to you and the world around you. Microsoft HoloLens enables you to interact with content and information in the most natural ways possible.

A new dimension of creativity and teamwork

The culture of work is changing now more than ever. While we live in a world where technology is everywhere, many workers don’t have information where they need it most: in the real-world context of the work they do.

Profile of woman wearing HoloLens, looking at tiles of apps for HoloLens

Create, connect, and collaborate with HoloLens apps

Apps built for mixed reality will transform the ways you work – and the ways you work together.


1 Dynamics 365 Remote Assist requires Microsoft HoloLens, a valid Dynamics 365 Remote Assist license, and a valid Office 365 license including Microsoft Teams. No additional Dynamics 365 licenses are required. To make or receive calls to a Remote Assist user, remote experts must have a Windows 10 PC, iOS, or Android device, installed with the free or paid version of Teams. Group calling is not available at this time. Mixed reality annotations and file sharing are not available on mobile. Additional hardware and software requirements vary for available features and content. See docs.microsoft.com for a complete list of technical requirements.
2 Dynamics 365 Layout requires Microsoft HoloLens or a Windows Mixed Reality headset, motion controllers, and a Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PC with a valid Dynamics 365 Layout license. No additional Dynamics 365 licenses are required. To import 3D models, users must download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) (included in the Dynamics 365 Layout license) from Microsoft Store on their PC. To import Visio floorplans, users must have a separate Microsoft Visio license. Additional hardware and software requirements vary for available features and content. See docs.microsoft.com for a complete list of technical requirements.
3 To share their Layout experience, users must have a separate video calling or screen sharing app, such as Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens, or Microsoft Teams on a Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PC.