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We are trying our best for the best viewing experience and light editing features since 2014. There has been over 100 updates to improve the quality. We have more than 1 million users on PC! 123 Photo Viewer is a very fast, very easy to use viewer that supports many file formats and powerful functions. 1) Perfect support for gif/webp/apng animations. You can pause/continue, go to full screen mode, go back and forward frame by frame. You can save all the frames as separate files. 2) Supports webp, dds, tga, psd and many raw file formats aside from all the common file formats. ‘.psd’ files saved with maximum compatibility from photoshop can be opened directly. '.ai' files of version 9 or higher can also be opened directly. 3) Perfect solution for the usage of mouse wheel. When the mouse is on an image, you can do magnification with wheel. When the mouse is by the sides of an image, wheel brings you to neighboring files. 4) Fastest magnification experience. A click on an image will immediate magnify with no lag. Clicking again on the image or moving away will show the original size. 5) Very efficient thumbnails solution at below. You can see clearly see the neighboring photo thumbnails while viewing the current photo. You can click on any thumbnail for quick viewing. 6) Support batch operations including format conversion, size change and renaming. 7) The easiest solution to go to previous or next image. You can simply click on the right or left of an image to go to next or previous. 8) Supports drag and drop to directly open a file. 9) You can use delete key for quick deletion with no need for confirmation. Or you can use mouse to delete with a confirmation. 10) When viewing an image, you can directly press the Esc key to quit directly. Note: Images in the store page to demo the usage are all from, a great site for great royalty free images. For .heif/.heic support, please download the below two free extensions from Microsoft Store. 1. HEIF Image Extensions 2. HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer If the above two extensions do not work for your .heif/.heic files, you may try the below paid extension from Microsoft:


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