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Lifeliqe is a visual learning platform that makes it exciting to learn and teach science with interactive 3D models, as well as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. Lifeliqe‘s Windows 10 app introduces the first digital science curriculum aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, and enhanced with 3D and AR models. Our mission is to spark passion for lifelong learning in students. With use of technology that students love, it empowers every educator to create memorable light bulb moments and help understand difficult concepts among learners. SUBSCRIPTION PLANS Users can choose a monthly or annual subscription. Start your free trial and choose your preferred subscription. $9.90 USD / month: try it for free for 1 month $99 USD / year: try it for free for 2 months School/district pricing available as well. Ask for quote at Lifeliqe includes the following K-12 subjects and topics: Life Science (Human Biology, Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Paleontology) Earth and Space Sciences (Geology) Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry) Geometry Culture SCIENCE CURRICULA AND LESSON PLANS Lifeliqe introduces science curricula including 700+ interactive lesson plans enhanced with 3D models, all aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, while also correlated with the most commonly used science textbooks in the U.S. Educators also have the power to create and share their own lesson plans which integrate interactive 3D models instead of just flat traditional images. OVER 1,300 INTERACTIVE 3D MODELS FOR STEM 1,300+ 3D models related to STEM K-12 topics empower teachers to spark lightbulb moments in students and help them master science through visual, hands-on, and deep learning experiences. All content is verified by the world’s top universities. SCIENCE COURSES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Lifeliqe includes not just the curricula and lesson plans to help educators teach according to Next Generation Science Standards. High school students can take science courses individually to prepare for their college, too. AUGMENTED REALITY Augmented reality merges the real world with 3D models. Help your students unleash their creativity – they can take impressive photos and videos with AR, while you can use it to prepare engaging lessons, assignments, or quizzes. SHARING TO OFFICE TOOLS Take a screenshot of any detail you want, download it to your device, or share it to your Office tools! Each model can be shared as a slide for your presentation. While presenting, click the image or a link to the slide to instantly open the model in Lifeliqe app. DEEP ZOOM Explore the depths of a plant cell, human bone or hair structure. With many of our models, our unique deep zoom allows you to smoothly go from the surface all the way down to the cellular level. POWER OF VISUAL LEARNING Did you know that 65% students around the world describe themselves as visual learners? Lifeliqe‘s intuitive tool allows everyone to study each model from all angles and distances. Turn the models with a simple swipe or zoom in with a pinch. LANGUAGE LEARNING WITH BILINGUAL VIEW Give your students a chance to learn scientifically correct vocabulary in two languages – English and Spanish. You can change them easily on the menu and even display them at once. INTRODUCTION AND NOTES Nearly all Lifeliqe models have their own introductory content that explains what you’re seeing. You can also create your own notes to every model. NOTICE Lifeliqe is packed with more than 1,300 interactive 3D models. Protecting your available storage is important, which is why Lifeliqe adapts automatically to what's left on your device. Whether you have a small amount of memory available or a lot, Lifeliqe always leaves you with a significant amount of available storage space. After your free trial ends, your credit card is automatically charged at the beginning of each month. Get in touch with the community and explore all the possibilities Lifeliqe offers. Contact us at: Privacy policy and terms of use:


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