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Bangla.Design is an online eCommerce website. You can design different apparel and home goods from here. All products are designed and shipped from USA. Some functions such as Amazon Payments might not work within the app. We recommend to open the website in built-in device browser before making any purchase. Make sure to save the design from the designer. Featured product: Gildan Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Sizes available: Youth XS - Adult 5XL Colors Available: 34 Price: $15 (Free shipping in USA and including all taxes and fees) Shipping policy: Free shipping in United States. Shipping to Canada is Flat Rate $6 per quantity. Shipping to UK is $8 per quantity. And rest of the world is $11 per quantity. Shipping from Iowa, USA. Almost all orders ship from the print shop within 2-4 days of the order being placed. Shipping time to most locations in the US is 2-3 days (7-14 days international). We ship all domestic orders by USPS First Class or Priority Mail. Large orders may be shipped by UPS. International orders are shipped APC. We have a high success rate simply because of the garment options we offer, most of which are highly available and rarely out of stock. Our powerful designer is free to use. Some functions of the designer: Adding text, editing text by pattern, adding clipart, editing clipart color, uploading image, uploading image from Facebook and Instagram, editing image by cropping or by adding shapes and many more. You can also design and sell your design for free.


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