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My Baby Care lets you take care of the Cutest Baby Ever! Do you like babies? Do you want to take care of them? You will really realize that taking care of babies is such a happy and hard thing. Come and experience the fun of it. Babysit this adorable Baby, and have fun spending the day with this Adorably cute & Hilariously Entertaining Baby! Download and Play Baby Care & Dress Up now for FREE! It's game time! Play some fun games with baby ! The look on baby's face when playing these games is priceless!! This game includes fun animations, and realistic expressions from baby that will make you laugh and entertain for hours on end! Baby Care is an adorable game for kids who love babysitter games, and baby games! Come and spend happy hours with the sweet and cute babies.


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Kings Epic RPG Games Ltd.



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22 MB


Från 3 år

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English (United States)

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