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Colorist is the only free coloring app that lets you color with exactly the same feel as coloring pencils! Relax on the couch and enjoy coloring a complex design, a vacation spot, or a crazy cartoon cat - tons of pages to choose from. Even color the same picture more than once, to see what else you can do with it. No need to worry about losing your coloring pencils in the couch anymore! The app comes with one free coloring book, and other books are available as small in-app purchases. Books are created by indie artists, so all of them have a unique feel and style. New books are being added all the time, so keep checking back in the in-app store to see what's been published lately. Half of the proceeds from every in app purchase goes directly to the artist, so keep 'em drawing if you like their stuff! Colorist also works with a mouse, pen and touch. Coloring with your finger is fine, but a pressure sensitive stylus is what Colorist was designed for and where it truly shines. The app is fully functional in the free version - the only purchases are any extra coloring books you choose to buy. If you're an artist and want to submit a book for colorist, reach out at We're always looking for awesome new pages! Some of the cool stuff: - No need to lug around a coloring book and manage a bunch of pencils - its all there on your tablet! - Blend, shade, and even erase (something your coloring pencils won't do!) - Automatically stay inside the lines - for when you're feeling impatient! - Support an indie artist and feel good! Half of the in app purchase proceeds go straight to the artist. - Keep as many colored pages on the go as you want, they'll all be right where you left them. - Create your own masterpiece sketches, when you're feeling especially creative!


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