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Peek inside ANY file and automatically preview videos and photos, open ZIP or RAR files, and more. Do you have a file you cannot open, or simply need more information than Windows can give you? Crafty File Viewer can preview any file, from many types of videos, to photos, text documents, Internet documents, compressed archives like ZIP, RAR and 7Z, configuration files and even various scripts and code snippets. Binary files are no mystery for Crafty File Viewer, with its blazingly fast Hex Dump view. At a glance you’ll see what’s inside any binary file. If the file you want is inside an archive you don’t recognize (like 7Z or RAR), Crafty File Viewer will unpack those archives and let you directly access what’s inside. No matter what file you view, you’ll see important file properties normally not shown to you: created and modified dates, exact size in MB, KB and bytes, and the file’s hash values for popular MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and even SHA512. So view any file like a pro and download the free Crafty File Viewer.


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