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The Discover Tobii Dynavox app is a free resource that helps you to successfully use your new Tobii Dynavox device and/or software right out of the box. Discover Tobii Dynavox is a simple, centralized resource for helpful information on getting started with your Tobii Dynavox products as well as practical teaching tips and implementation ideas for growing language and literacy skills. Through the app, you’ll have access to how-to videos, weekly and monthly tips, webinars, Pathways, and more! The purpose of the Discover Tobii Dynavox app is to help caregivers and professionals to be more successful in implementing AAC with their users by helping with the onboarding experience, as well as providing links to troubleshooting and support. Use this app if you have Tobii Dynavox Snap + Core First, Snap Scene, Boardmaker Online, Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL), and/or Communicator 5.


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Tobii Dynavox


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Tobii Dynavox



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