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Easy Expense Tracker is a heavy-duty, standalone expense tracking system. It is not an accounting program, but it is a tech-integrated record management system that makes accounting and tax preparation so much easier. Yes, you can use it to manually enter your mileage and receipt expenses, one record entry at a time. But now there’s an easier way. Use EET on your PC or tablet and its companion apps, Easy Receipt Log and Easy Auto Log on your phone. You can set up the apps so that literally when you walk in the door, the receipt and mileage records pop into Easy Expense Tracker—all by themselves. Each record (with its tax details and a receipt/map image) automatically files into its fiscal year, ready for additional editing, management, or reporting. Instant data entry. Instant tax documentation! No more missed tax deductions or unclaimed reimbursements due to forgotten or lost receipts or mileage records. A REAL APP FOR REAL LIFE. Tax prep stress? Have a shoebox full of receipts? Digitize your paper receipts and accounting entries are a breeze—and even easier if you start the process using Easy Receipt Log. Corporate road warrior? Use the phone apps to start managing trip expenses on the road, in real time, to reduce expense report pain! Is your car connected with Mojio? The EET Mojio Upgrade adds a Radar screen, a dynamic map that shows you exactly where each of your Mojio vehicles are and each vehicle status. Use the Reconcile Mojio feature to flag any missed mileage entries—it’s a back-up for that time you forgot to turn on your phone to track your mileage with Easy Auto Log. Download the app and try it out—experience full app functionality for FREE for the first 50 records you create. You’ll know by then it’s an app that can make your life easier and well worth the Pro Upgrade to continue using it. Talk to your accountant about it!


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Sekretesspolicy för Easy Expense Tracker
Licensvillkor för Easy Expense Tracker
Application in free and unlimited in functionality up to 50 records per fiscal year. After reaching that limit, the application is restricted in some functionality unless the full version is purchased as an In App purchase.

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