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Looking for long term exposure? But I don't know what filter you should take or how long is your loading services time to adjust? 1. Exposure time, which leads to a correct exposure without any filter selected 2. Chooses a filter 3. Or a target exposure time 4. Results Blue hour: the early bird catches the worm. But when exactly stand up? 1. Choose a location of your choice 2. Set a date, for which the sunrise and sunset should be calculated 3. Recenter selected location on the screen 4. Search of a location based on field no. 1 5. Start the calculation 6. Results ~ Blue Hour, Sunrise, Golden Hour ~ Golden Hour, Sunset, Blue hour No idea where your focus is? See for yourself and check it out. 1. Set distance in mm 2. Set focal length in mm 3. Select aperture 4. Choose CROP factor 5. Results 6. Simulation of background blur. Look at the blurring effect depending on the distance. Have fun


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