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In360 is a portal to the Life360 web application. Life360 is a Family Locator app developed by Life360 Inc. It lets you locate friends and family members and communicate with them and much more. The developers of this app In360, are not associated with Life360 Inc. Life360 does not provide a Windows app, so In360 is intended to provide a subset of the Life360 mobile functionality on the Windows desktop. It allows you to view the location of circle members, communicate with them and to manage the circle (i.e. add/remove places, set alerts etc.). ** It does not share the location of your computer ** You must already have the official Life360 app running on your mobile device; this app uses the same account and displays the same information the mobile would, but you now have the benefit of the large screen of your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet.


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Intrinsic Data Inc


Intrinsic Data Inc

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Intrinsic Global Technologies



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