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Use your JavaScript, Css, html skills to create apps wherever you go. These days many of us we use a smartphone anytime, as a developers sometimes we create code using some text editor to save it "One Note or Microsoft Word" in our phone, for this reason I developed JavaScript Studio app a smart app that works on your phone as on computers too in the same way. With JavaScript Studio you can create web apps by writing JavaScript code, Css, Html, Html5. JavaScript Studio contains JavaScript Intellisense that will help you while you write your code. Use the HTML Toolbox that contains HTML elements, tags to save time while coding, with JavaScript Studio you won't be lost on help with just selecting a part of HTML markup or JavaScript code on the editor and tapping the Search Help button help will be coming to you. Error Checking? Yes, JavaScript Studio will help on it while coding by inserting a simple comment text to see this result you will need to split the code editor and design, The Design is live code result (code you write, result you get). you can export your code that you have developed on your phone or device , and continue developing it in your PC, You can create files in the apps you have created. Never Miss any code again Use JavaScript Studio.


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