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For those who want to gain power, observe the power or arm themselves against the power ... 48 Laws of Power summarizes the famous laws written by Robert Greene to obtain and study of power in all areas of everyday life Laws which apply in the workplace, in relationships, in the street or watching the evening news: everything, everyone and to achieve any purpose. This version includes 48 laws and its short summary. Features LAWS LIST You can see all laws with its corresponding title, ordered as they appear in the book. LAWS DESCRIPTION Each law contains its short summary, a brief explanation of why it is important to apply the principle SHARE LAW There is a functionality for sharing law, whom you feel is necessary, who see that you need, in your Facebook wall or wherever you want. NOTIFICATIONS In the second section you can manage the appearance of a daily notification with the title of the current law. Once you allow notifications, from the day that enabled them in the following 48 days you will see a different law, every day. Tapping in the notification, you can access the app and view its description. Thank you very much for downloading 48 Laws of Power. If you liked the app, it would be very useful for us that you qualify with 5 stars, leaving a comment with what more you liked, or what you would like us to improve. For better communication, you can also send us an email with your suggestions, questions or anything you want to


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