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"Magic Football": Completely overturns the previous definitions of football games on picture, operation and playing method, finds the simple style of the hot-blooded football and reduces the influence of operation, At the same time, add some elements of magic strategy confrontation. All kinds of interesting and wonderful card cultivation and club operation play methods. You can relax when you are tired. You can not only enjoy the fun of football, but also completely relax your body and mind and have a fantasy trip as a football fan. Graffiti Paint Style Hot-blooded Football Feast • Modern, hot-blooded and straightforward hip-hop graffiti style makes you fall in love with this different football game! Football is not embroidery, nor romance, it is the collision of power, the release of passion, the different frankness, and a straightforward heart! There is no weakness or delicacy here, only the deafening cheers of goal at that moment, and only the passion that pulls the picture into a static montage. Cool Skills The Passion Of The Court • The unique skill on the court is the most distinctive feature of the hot-blooded football series. The competition of Magic Football: Ace Soccer is very fierce, so the release time of unique skills is very particular. Some opportunity for combat is fleeting. How to use your unique skill at the most appropriate time and situation will be considered by every player. In particular, these skills have a lot of special effects, and they will attract all the players in the whole screen. This exciting pleasure is rare in football games. It's like the first time to contact FC to get the pleasure of unique skills as a child. It's familiar and passionate. Get More Score On The Grand Competition Stage • The dream of every team in the world is to reach the top. Whether it is the club league or the FIFA World Cup Trophy, it is the dream of all football people for the top glory of that moment. For this moment, every team and every player has worked hard for it and fought all his life. Whether it is the players on the field, the coaches under the field, or the managers who operate the club and team. " Magic Football: Ace Soccer " has also prepared enough stages for you to fight for it, strive for it, pursue your dreams and realize your dream of being the top of the world. Multiple Gameplays To Control The Field • Football manager, the perfect display of operation playing methods, including the common team formation playing methods in various football games, can not only control the team capital chain and named by well-known companies, but also develop the Ball Market and gather fans to do great things. At the same time, players can also play as a coach to train great players and lead the team to fight on the field, from formation to strategy. They can also participate in the whole game, control players on-site and use magic skills to shoot. PVP is passionate. Competing with other players in the field, combining your strategy and operation. Get the honor and unlimited scenery!


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