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Find places, traffic, public transit, car, bicycle routes in new Google Maps. This app integrates the newest google maps technology to Windows 10 in an user friendly interface . App features: 1. Locates and shows your location in the maps with auto-follow feature when you are in the movement. 2. Provides HD maps: Satellite Map with 45 degree views (for areas available), Hybrid Map, Terrain Map, Road Map. 3. Customizes the maps by using the useful layers: Bicycling, Transit, Traffic. 4. Powerful auto-completed search allows you search worldwide places. 5. Explores the world wide places by nearby search powered more than 80 categories. 6. Saves and manages your favorites places. 7. Gets any place's address and coordinate worldwide by a single tap. 8. Point of interest (POI) icon to get worldwide street view and detailed information, such as descriptions, worldwide Google users reviews, phone numbers, website and etc. 9. Get the direction by car, bicycle, walking or public transit. Your feedback and encourage are our motivation. Please review and rate this app


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