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Marble Solitaire is a fun 1 player game based on the popular chinese board & marble game known as solitaire and Hi-Q. The object of the game is to remove as many marbles as you can by jumping one over another horizontally or vertically. Scoring is based on how many marbles are left on the board. Try to leave only one remaining! Tap a marble anywhere on the board to start. You can jump marbles by laying your finger on the marble you want to move and dragging it over the marble you want to jump. Or alternatively, tapping the marble you want to move and tapping the spot you would like to move the marble to. If you attempt to move a marble that is not in a position to be moved, the game will show you which marbles are available to be moved. The game ends when there are no more marbles to jump. To add to the challenge, Marble Solitaire features 12 different board layouts to test your skills. Master them all!. Also featured are 6 visual and audio themes, including: - classic - zen - beach - watercolor - modern This addictive, fun little game is free to play. We hope you enjoy Marble Solitaire!


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Bit House Media

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Bit House Media



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