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Easily navigate back or forward or switch between tabs by clicking on an infinitely wide button. Using the usability concept known as Fitt's Law, this extension adds an infinitely wide button to your browser that you can quickly and easily click. Move your mouse pointer to the left edge of the screen to begin. The pointer icon will change. Then you can: * Left click to navigate back in the browser history * Right click to navigate forward * Middle-click to close the current tab * Rotate the mouse wheel to cycle through your open tabs For optimal usability, please make sure your window in maximized. The left edge of your browser window becomes an infinitely wide, multi-purpose button. It is infinitely wide because your mouse can continue to travel left, while the pointer will remain stuck to the edge of the screen. The trick is to fling your wrist to the left. No accuracy or coordination is needed here. You could even do this blind-folded.


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Terry Yuen



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60 kB


Från 3 år



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English (United States)

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