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AD-FREE WIFI FILE TRANSFER SYSTEM Are you searching for a seamless & easy to use wireless file transfer solution for your windows pc and Android mobile devices? Imagine how much easier life would be if all your Android phone captured photos and videos during your vacation are all automatically transferred to your Windows PC at the moment when you STEP INSIDE your home! AUTOMATIC TRANSFER FILE, WATCH & SYNC MobileSync system provides automatic files, folder and text transfer functions over WiFi between Windows computer and Android devices. The system consists of a MobileSync Station software running in Windows computer and a lightweight MobileSync App running in Android device. No USB cable connection is needed between Windows computer and Android devices. It is easy to use, simple & so powerful, that it will surely become the only way you’ll do WiFi file and directory transfer between PC and Android smartphones. Files and directories can be easily transferred to Android device by simple drag and drop operations in MobileSync Station for Windows. Similarly, files and folders in Android device can be easily transferred to Windows by Android Share menu, or by selecting manually. OUTDOOR? NO PROBLEM Direct Mode connection enables file transfer between Windows PC and Android device through wireless interface directly. No network is required and the transfer speed is extremely fast. WHAT IS NEXT WHEN FILES RECEIVED? You are free to pre-define destination location of files of different file type received. Files and directories received in Windows will be automatically saved to predefined storage path based on file type. PRIVACY & SECURITY The system supports password protect files and folders when transferred to MobileSync Station in Windows. This securely safeguard sensitive information in mobile device and protect user privacy. Nobody except the mobile device owner can access and read those files and directories that have been protected by the his/her password configured in the app. EASY TO USE & SETUP Without any registration or subscription, no QR code scanning or IP address copying every time. setup ONCE and any files and folders can be easily transferred within your local network. FREE MOBILE SYNC & TRANSFER – TOTALLY AD FREE - JUST DOWNLOAD Free version with full functions of MobileSync Station for Windows can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. For single device non-commercial use, you can always choose Free version. Setup once. No Ad, no time limits and no file size limit for transferring. Note: MobileSync software is a network based product, if all settings are correct but the connection cannot be made, please check if the software is falsely blocked by antivirus, firewall or internet security software. 99% of this issue will be fixed if it is set as "Allowed" or "Trusted" in those security software. For bug report or any query please contact: Privacy Policy:


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