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"Numerology by Yves Pflieger" is a professional program conceived of and developed by Yves Pflieger, software engineer, author of several software in numerology and also in culture (World Heritage) since 1995. Developed in partnership with numerologists, this application is reputed for its professional quality, easy user interface and for its richness in interpretations (above thirty components of name and date of birth are analyzed). This professionally designed program will help you to decode the secret aspects of your name and date of birth. It studies the personality according to the strict precepts of numerology, i.e. taking into account the full name at birth with all middle names without omitting accent markings (if any) to ensure the relevance of the analysis. Generate in one mouse click full personality analysis, couple's compatibility as well as numerological forecasts (yearly, monthly and even daily forecasts). In particular, this application highlights the three main pillars of the personality: who is he/she (common behavior in society), what does he/she like, how does he/she defend himself in event of conflict ? Thus it is easier to determine the personality type of others. "Numerology by Yves Pflieger" allows the study of as many identities as desired. This program allows you to become more efficient in numerology whether your activity is professional or just a hobby. App-in purchases allow you to acquire additional reproduction rights allowing exportation, printing and selling of personality analysis, numerological forecasts and couple's compatibility. More information in terms of use.


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Yves Pflieger


Copyright © 2018 Yves Pflieger



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Sekretesspolicy för Numerology by Yves Pflieger
Licensvillkor för Numerology by Yves Pflieger
END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This software, its written and data documentation, its textual and display files are referred to collectively as SOFTWARE in this contract. This SOFTWARE belongs to its author Yves Pflieger and is protected by copyright laws as well as international laws on intellectual property. The author Yves Pflieger (referred to in this contract as AUTHOR) holds the rights of reproduction and marketing. IMPORTANT, READ CAREFULLY: This End-User license agreement is a legal agreement between you and the AUTHOR of this SOFTWARE. By transferring this SOFTWARE onto your hard disk, you are agreeing to and accepting the following terms of this contract : OWNERSHIP: The AUTHOR reserves full and sole ownership and rights of distribution of the SOFTWARE whatever the form or the support of the aforesaid originals and copies. This agreement is a non exclusive license. The grant of this license does not imply in any case the sharing or exchange of the original source code. The data-processing files, the texts and the titles contained in this SOFTWARE are the property of the AUTHOR. This SOFTWARE is protected by copyright laws as well as international laws on intellectual property. CONDITIONS FOR USE: The SOFTWARE provides the user the ability to insert identities without limitation of number and to take advantage of the software's power to make all numerological calculations, analyses, forecasts linked to these identities. The SOFTWARE allows to create numerological interpretations and charts from the data inserted by the user (full name, first name, date of birth, partner's name). These charts, graphics and texts are referred to in this contract as INTERPRETATIONS. Your purchase of this SOFTWARE grants a private right of use and not any property right. By accepting this license, the user agrees to exclude unauthorized uses as listed here: to share the SOFTWARE, or a copy to someone else's disposal ; diffusion of the whole or any part of the SOFTWARE and its INTERPRETATIONS by video, by phone (or phone center) or to enhance a personal or professional web site by transferring text or screen from the SOFTWARE; translation of the software, adaptation, creation of derived programs, plagiarism, change or arrangement, correction of errors, in whole or in part of the SOFTWARE. It is also strictly prohibited to modify or delete the Copyright notice inserted in the SOFTWARE and its INTERPRETATIONS as well as it is strictly prohibited to share or reproduce the SOFTWARE and its INTERPRETATIONS on a file sharing network. The SOFTWARE will not be considered as modified if it is only supplemented by data input specific to the user (such as names, birth dates), wich do not impair the internal structure of the SOFTWARE. The INTERPRETATIONS remain submissive to copyright laws as well as international laws on intellectual property. It means that the user nor the purchaser possess any right on the INTERPRETATIONS. SUPPLY OF REPRODUCTION : From the moment that INTERPRETATIONS are exported out of the SOFTWARE in the form of files intended for paper printing, email, attached files or any other way of diffusion, free or not free, the action changes the status. From that time, it becomes an action of reproduction which tresspasses the author's rights. 1. By default, the SOFTWARE is protected by international laws on copyright banning all reproduction of the SOFTWARE and thus of the INTERPRETATIONS. 2. So, on an exception basis, a free initial right of reproduction is granted to the user. It allows the user to print, share, export the INTERPRETATIONS of a given number of identities (forty-five). Thus you can choose among the identities that you have inserted into the software those for which you decide to use your initial reproduction right (usually those of your friends and family). The initial right of reproduction can be obtained through an in-app on the Windows Store, which is free and non-refillable. 3. Beyond this initial right of reproduction, export, printing, sharing or sale of INTERPRETATIONS is considered to be commercial exploitation of the software. This type of operation is allowed only in return for a fee which can be paid through the purchase of additional supplements of reproduction on the Windows Store. RESTRICTION OF REPRODUCTION RIGHTS: It is forbidden to make public (via a website or social networks) the INTERPRETATIONS that remain protected by laws relating to copyright. Within the context of the INTERPRETATION's commercial exploitation explained above, it is advisable to practice a selling price over 10 dollars (for a study of personality for instance). RESPECT OF THE AUTHORS: The purpose of this control of reproduction is to protect the work and rights of the AUTHOR. This SOFTWARE is the result of many years of development and efforts. The INTERPRETATIONS and software code are close to 2000 pages. In addition, it is prohibited to copy and distribute the content of a book or film, it is prohibited to do the same with the content of a software and its texts. This is the reason why the reproduction of the INTERPRETATIONS are subjected to a limit and require financial compensation with respect of author's rights.

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