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This app allows you to view a collection of photos of Florida around 1900 by the Detroit Publishing Company that are now at the Library of Congress and in the public domain. The photos are mainly of the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Miami with a few from the interior at Orlando and Deland with more coming from Tampa and Pensacola When the app opens you are viewing an image of the Jupiter Light House circa 1897 composed of 891 distinct photos repeated enough time to make a mosaic of 5151 images. You may zoom in or out on the mosaic using the plus and minus buttons, or you may use the standard finger gestures for pinch and zoom. When you double tap on an image, a popup will appear with a larger view of the image and information about the image. You will also have the ability to download the jpeg file or a much, much larger Tiff file of the image. And by invoking the Share Charm you may share the image via email Enjoy the collection. It is a wonderful collection and a window on times past. Comments or questions:


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