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Pango Zoo opens its doors! Come experience the exciting adventures of three restless penguins, a tough tiger, a sad and sick zebra, or a dusty elephant full of surprises. In a happily scripted and animated application, Pango and his friends will help the animals of the Zoo to solve their problems. Cure bad colds, feed empty bellies, shower, rescue, clean ... and share beautiful moments of complicity with humor and tenderness. Through simple and intuitive situations, the child discovers and advances the game at his own pace. A nice way for Pango to encourage curiosity and independence of children three years and over. With Pango, your child has to TICKLE the image in order to advance the story!


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The app is not usable with keyboard and mouse inputs


  • 5 adventures to discover for your enjoyment
  • No stress, No time limit, No competition
  • A simple application which is functional
  • In the soft and colorful Pango universe
  • Fully animated with sound and pictures
  • Ideal for 3 + years
  • No integrated procurement and no invasive advertising

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Studio Pango


© 2015 Studio Pango SAS

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Studio Pango



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85,64 MB


Från 3 år


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