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Photo Compressor reduces the disk space required for your photos while maintaining the dimensions and quality of the image itself. You can right-click file in Windows Explorer, or drag 'n' drop photos into the app. Compressing your photos saves disk space and allows for quicker file transfers, uploads, mobile storage, and backups. You can save more photos in your online albums, reduce the space occupied by your photo library, optimize the images on your website or blog, or simply send your photos faster than ever. • Supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF formats • 3 compression modes: Manual, Reduce by a percentage, and Reduce to specific File size. How do you benefit from Photo Compressor • Reduce upload time to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat by up to 50% • Save disk space by compressing your photos while keeping the same quality and dimensions. • Send large photos, more photos, or just send quicker by using smaller files. It saves on bandwidth costs as well. • Speed up your website using lower image weights (smaller photo files), faster uploading, and complying to Google's new search algorithms (website performance balancing) You have full control over the compression settings for your photos, and you'll be glad to know that Photo Compressor is 100% safe to use, we never overwrite your original photos. We simply put the newly compressed photos in a folder of your choosing. All compressed files are in jpeg format. A subset of the Metadata (EXIF) is copied for file formats that support it. Privacy and Security are a high priority for us at Duckhead Software, should you ever need to contact support, we'll never ask for remote access to your computer or for any personal information. See our website for more details on security and safety.


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