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Photo Rescue Pro is a professional multimedia data recovery software, you only need to provide the missing file disk image file, you can recover deleted, formatted, re-zoning and other reasons lost multimedia data (including images, videos, audio files) . Support: 1.Support the common storage medium image file scanning, such as hard disk image, removable disk image, SD card image, USB driver image, etc. . 2.For feedbacks sent by customers via email, we will process within 24h upon receiving the email. Your valuable comments will be very welcome and appreciated anytime. 3. If you encounter any problems or difficulties during use of photo recovery product, please search for help by sending us email. Contact us: E-mail: itemir@itemir.com


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End User License Agreement for Itemir Photo Rescue Pro software 1. Important notice This End User License Agreement is a legal agreement between the above-mentioned software (the “software” or “software product”) copyright owner Itemir Technologies and you (either an individual or an entity). Before using this software product, please be sure to read this agreement. To continue installation, you must agree and observe terms of this agreement. 2. All right reserved Itemir Technologies owns all rights and intellectual property in and to the software (including but not limited to any images, photos, animation, text and add-in program contained in this software product) and any duplicate of this software product. This is protected by copyright law and Universal Copyright Convention. You have no right to delete or conceal any copyright statement, including label, mark, icon, software logo and company logo, etc. 3. Restrictions You are free to download and try out part of this software from Itemir Technologies website free of charge. You will not be granted full access to this software unless you buy license key of this software. You are not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this software product nor alter any resource within the program document. Unless applicable laws permit aforementioned activity, you must abide by the agreement. 4. Trademark This Agreement grants you no trade mark or service trademark related rights owned by copyright owner Itemir Technologies. 5. Limited warranty No warranty: The copyright owner Itemir Technologies hereby state that the software product is offered without any warranty. Copyright owner makes no warranty of fitness of this software product for any purpose and no warranty of fault free; neither will copyright owner be responsible for any theoretical or actual loss suffered by this software user. No responsibility for any loss caused: This software copyright owner assumes no responsibilities for any accidental, continuous, direct or indirect loss resulted from potential or acknowledged problems of this software product (including profit loss, business interruption, information loss or any other economic loss). 6. Others This software is owned by Itemir Technologies. The company reserves all rights of interpretation and modification. © All rights reserved by Itemir Technologies.

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