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A physics powered game in which the goal is to knock green blocks off the screen using many different types of ammo. Play many unique levels with unique ammo types including: Stone, Explosive, Detonateable Explosive, Disintigrator, Implosion, Anti-Gravity, Magnet, Slippery, and Color Swap balls. Can you figure out what ammo to use to get the highest score? Version 3.1.2 Update: * 30 new levels * Opened Community Levels to everyone * Fixed crashing bugs Version 3.1.1 Update: * Fixed another crashing bug with Facebook Login Version 3.1 Update: * Leaderboards * Replays * Sync scores between devices * Bug Fixes Version 2.8 Update: * 30 New Levels! * Added Sticky Blocks * Added Slippery Ball Version 2.7 Update: *Fixed bug where saved levels in the Level Creator were not being displayed. (Yes, your saved levels should reappear with this update) Version 2.6 Update: *30 New Levels! *Fast App Switching Version 2.5 Update: *30 New Levels! *Added Sticky Ball *Added Disintigrator Block *Added "Unlockable" Nibbler Ball Version 2.4 Update: *30 New Levels! *Added Directional Force Object! Version 2.3 Update: *Greatly Reduced Memory Usage *Fixed some slow loading problems *Can now set block to width of 1 in Level Creator Feel free to contact us at or


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Stiq Joy LLC

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Stiq Joy LLC



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11,42 MB


Från 3 år


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