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With Rain Gauge you can check at any time of the day how much it's going to rain on your specific location in the next 3 hours! Rain Gauge is also able to give you the current weather, and the forecasts for the upcoming and with the awesome rain-radar you're able to see what's coming up! Live tiles & rain alerts Heck, you don't even have to open Rain Gauge! Setup rain alerts to get a message once it's going to rain, and check the live tile for the rain graph. When it's dry, the live tiles will show you the current weather, and the forecasts on the back! RAIN DATA IS ONLY SUPPORTED IN: UK, IRELAND, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, LUXEMBOURG AND DENMARK. Features: • Simple and beautiful overview showing the rainfall per 5 minutes in the upcoming 3 hours. • Zoomable radar view that shows the actual radar images. • Extended weather information: check the current weather or hourly/daily forecast. • Live tiles: always up to date on the current weather or rainfall on your start screen. • Rain alerts: get notified when rain is incoming! • Dark or light color theme. • Easy-to-use settings: change your default language, live tile preferences or adjust the rain notifications! • Rain/radar support for: UK, IRELAND, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, LUXEMBOURG AND DENMARK.


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