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Flight simulators are the best and ultimate fun games, yes driving and racing games are fun so are motorbike police chases but the real extreme fun is flying aeroplanes no matter the size. Little two seaters, seaplanes, Boeing passenger air crafts or freight hauling airbuses all have some thrilling joy. Extreme Seaplane Flight 3d Sim will give you an opportunity to glide through air in latest model modern seaplane with passengers to transport from one point to the other. Days of your feet on the ground are over now you will fly through the Mediterranean and Caribbean terrains in this flight simulator. Take off and land on water your ultimate machine or Better Yet Park it on Water, your fixed-wing aircraft. Give precise seaplane throttle and take off your light duty air plane from designated water landing tripe it like an air Stripe or landing zone but in the water. Fasten your seat belt in aircraft cabin give throttle to airplane control propeller, rudder and flaps of your airliner on dedicated water runway stripe. Fly this aeroplane infinite in the sky over beautiful islands, clean blue waters from one horizon to other in free roam mode. Also 10 Missions based game race with time and passenger count with aerial obstacles before timer goes off. Steer handle and propel forward, rudder use your navigation meter to keep on track you can’t glide this airbus airliner on autopilot. Control tower issued clearance to your sea plane to have smooth flying but it’s up to you to keep it safe and tardy.



  • Dynamic lighting and sounds of a commercial airplane and environment
  • Multiple Exclusive, entertaining levels to enjoy
  • Spread-out and comprehensive open world environment
  • Interactive and functional mechanisms used in real-life aircrafts
  • High eminence islands, buildings, and airports

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Game Unified


Game Unified

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Game Unified



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