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INCLUDES SHAPE UP GAME + SEASON PASS With the SHAPE UP GOLD EDITION you will receive a digital copy of the console game plus the SHAPE UP SEASON PASS. No time to go to the gym? Tired of repeating the same boring workout routine? SHAPE UP is the game that proves when you’re having fun, you get better results. SHAPE UP transforms exercises into surprising arcade challenges that turn the chore of working out into a GAME! Lift an elephant, run on the top of a moving train or squat your way to the moon; your heart will be pumping and your muscles will be burning – this is the new way to get fit. With the Season Pass you get access to all new exercises and exclusive challenges; buy now and instantly receive (2) exclusive Workouts: Bolt Camp (FOCUS: CORE) and Jungle Burner(FOCUS: LEGS) and an extra 30 days FREE to our online service: SHAPE UP COACH. In January 2015, receive (2) NEW 4-week Training Quests, and an exclusive KICK-ASS character to play against. Each 4-week full-body Training Quest includes a Champion Challenge and (2) exclusive Workouts. Go head to head against the Lumberjack Champion in a push up contest or travel to the coast for a cardio blast against a Ghost Master Champion. Never Play Alone The SHAPE UP rePLAY technology allows you to record your workout. But the recordings aren’t limited to your performance: personal trainers, game characters and your friends can all play alongside you to motivate, challenge and surprise. Quick Fix or Serious Workout Choose your training pace! Compete in unique and entertaining 90 second challenges for a fast burn or select a 4-week Training Quest in cardio or muscle-building. Go for points over reps and face surprising bosses to level up!


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Ubisoft Montreal



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