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Sidekick is your guide to a safer and more private Internet. The web can be a nasty place, filled with ads, popups and spyware. Sidekick neutralizes it. The built-in ad removal tool and popup blocker ensure a frustration-free web experience, while Sidekick's strong privacy protections mean no history to wipe and no tabs to clean. Save your real browser for sites that you trust, like your banking and email. Pin one or more of your webpages or search engines directly to the Start menu and launch into Sidekick in seconds, knowing you're leaving no history behind when you're done. Sidekick makes safe browsing easier with the innovative Scratchpad that lets you browse multiple sites without recording your history like tabs do. The scratchpad is wiped whenever you restart Sidekick, or manually in one click. Make any website ad-free with built-in intelligent ad remover: just tap the switch and Sidekick will let you remove any ads from the site. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you browsed the web without it. It makes reading articles and watching videos much more enjoyable. Use Sidekick for all those not-so-important web sites you visit, often filled with ads and potential spyware. Sidekick doesn't allow site tracking, popups or spyware. Sidekick doesn't store your passwords so it can never be exploited. Sidekick is always incognito. By using Sidekick when browsing for fun, you'll keep your browser safe from exploits. Save the browser for important work and let Sidekick help you with the rest.


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