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Improve your singing by learning correct techniques and skills with the help of this fabulous collection of Over 330 training video lessons. Many people can sing and nearly everyone could actually sing significantly better with the help of some training. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Lessons include What Are RB Singing Techniques Singing Lessons Voice Practice Techniques for Women Singing Lessons How to Breath While Singing Singing Lessons How to Release Tension from Your Throat Singing Lessons Voice Practice Basics Singing Lessons How to Learn to Sing Better Singing Lessons Pitch Control Tips Singing Lessons How to Take Care of Your Voice Singing Lessons How to Sing Mezzo Soprano Singing Lessons How to Sing Alto Singing Lessons How to Get a Breathy Tone Singing Lessons Using Different Textures in Your Voice Singing Lessons How to Sing Open Tones Singing Lessons How to Belt Out a Song Singing Lessons How to Sing a High Note Singing Lessons 5 Tips for Singing on Stage Singing Lessons Picking the Right Song for Your Voice Singing Lessons How to Connect with Your Lyrics Singing Lessons 4 Tips on Singing into a Microphone Singing Lessons How to Sing a Duet Singing Lessons How to Sing in a Group Singing Lessons Singing Lessons with Anya Singleton Singing Lessons Singing Lessons - The Singing Solutions Program Introduction Singing Lessons - Lesson 1 Posture Singing Lessons - Lesson 2 Breath Singing Lessons - Lesson 3 Warm-ups Cool Downs Singing Lessons - Lesson 4 Vocal Registers Singing Lessons - Lesson 5 Blending Vocal Registers Singing Lessons - Lesson 6 Clarity of Tone Power Singing Singing Lessons - Lesson 7 Pitch Control Singing Lessons - Lesson 8 Vocal Range Extension Singing Lessons - Lesson 9 Vocal Tone Control Consistency Singing Lessons - Lesson 10 Vocal Projection Singing Lessons - Lesson 11 Vocal Agility Singing Lessons - Lesson 12 Vocal Style Licks Tricks Singing Lessons - Lesson 13 Performance Singing Lessons - Lesson 14a Hallelujah Tutorial - High Voice How To Sing High Notes - Siren Exercise Learn How To Sing High Notes - How To Find Mixed Voice Best Exercise To Strengthen Your Singing Voice How To SING From Diaphragm - EXPLAINED The Ultimate Pre Vocal Warm-Up Exercise Lesson How To Sing When Youre Sick pt 1 How To Sing When Youre Sick pt 2 How To Neutralize The Larynx - Great Singing Exercises Stop Doing Lip Bubbles - Learn to Warm up your singing voice IMPORTANT VOCAL HEALTH TIPS 4 SINGERS How to get well FAST How To Sing High Notes Like SAM SMITH How To Find A Vocal Coach How To Sing Like SWITCHFOOT Jon Foreman How To Build Singing Vocal Stamina The Ultimate Vocal Warmup - FREE Download Vocal Scales For Men pt 4 The Ultimate Vocal Warmup pt 1 - Opening Up The Voice - FREE Singing Lessons The Ultimate Vocal Warmup pt 2 - Increasing Vocal Range - FREE Singing Lessons and many more


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