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The new racing simulator for those who want to run around without braking, demolishing obstacles and rivals! Try to cope with drift at turns or overcome the “brain” of your smartphone in a rival’s car. For some tracks you will have to seriously "pimp” your ride in the garage :) Or buy yourself a new turbo supercar with 700 HP under the bonnet. An excessive injection of nitrogen can tear you apart. There are 8 basic levels in our game: amateur, semi-professional, professional, leader, winner, champion, master. And 4 types of races: Sprint – races with three rivals at a highway; Drift – races at a stadium, the driver has to collect as many drift points as possible; Lap race –a race without rivals, you have to drive a certain number of laps for a stated amount of time; Duel – a race with a very powerful rival, the most interesting and difficult level! Good luck at the virtual road :) Have a clear ride!


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English (United States)
Français (France)
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